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About Us:

SEHA one of Turkey’s leading exporters of Agricultural, Industrial and Implement tyres. Seha sells tyres under the company’s own brand SEHA. Seha distributes a wide range of Seha Brand Agrucultural, OTR, E/M and Industrial tyres to more than 70 countries. Seha has been ranked as one of the fifth biggest tyre exporter in Türkiye since 1992.

Our Vision:
To protect our being 5th biggest exporter position in tyre sector and to left effectiveness of our firm and SEHA Brand all over the World markets.

Our Mission:
In the sectors we exist, to enhance our value-adding ability, to increase employment and being able to produce new technologies. Sustaining our reliability in every market we run business.

The company applies ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and TS 18001 Labor Health and Safety Systems. Each and every product is produced according to local and international standards (TDE, ETRTO, ECE R54).

Radial Tractor Tyres
Front Tractor Tyres
Rear Tractor Tyres
Harvester Tyres
Flotation Tyres
Implement Tyres
Industrial Tyres
Light Truck & Minibus Tyres
Military Tyres
Passenger Car Tyres